Colostrum for Athletes

PHOTO: Yvonne Huijbens/Pixabay

Strengthens the immune system, promotes muscle building and supports regeneration

Colostrum, the first milk of cows very rich in growth- and immunomodulating nutrients, is used in particular to maintain a strong immune system, but also in connection with regeneration or strength/muscle building of ambitious athletes. Due to its complete and intact protein structure, which in contrast to pure whey protein provides a sustained supply of amino acids, colostrum is very suitable as a slowly available protein in the evening directly after training or as a late meal before going to bed.

The use of colostrum is also suitable during phases of increased immune stress: for example, during flights to competitions and training camps, at crowded events and intensive contact with other people, especially during the annual flu season.

To benefit from the full efficacy of COLOSTRUM from SPONSER® (only available in Switzerland!), take 20-30 g of colostrum per day in food, drinks or combined with other protein shakes. Pure colostrum is highly water-soluble and tastes best in combination with chocolate or cocoa powder, instant coffee or mixed fresh fruits.

Please note that COLOSTRUM from SPONSER is only available in Switzerland!

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Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

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  • bovine colostrum (from cow's milk)
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