Alex Wilson



Athlete information

Alex Wilson
  • Alex Wilson
  • Sport Sprint
  • Sponser since 2020
  • Country Switzerland
  • Birthday 19. September 1990

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- 3. Rang EM Berlin (2018, 200m)
- Schweizer Rekordhalter 100m (10.08) und 200m (19.98)
- 10 x Schweizer Meister über 100m/200m

Product recommendation from Alex Wilson

Beta Alanine
Beta Alanine Short info
CHF CHF 32.50
  • Intracellular acid buffer for competition and strength athletes
  • where muscle acidity and lactate accumulation limit performance
  • proven A-supplement, widely used in professional sports
  • slow-release formula
Muscle Relax
Muscle Relax Short info
CHF CHF 15.00
  • Inhibits uncontrolled muscle contractions in sports
  • Pickle juice with vinegar, quinine and ginger
  • With magnesium to support normal muscle function
  • For prevention or in case of acute need
OMEGA-3 PLUS Short info
CHF CHF 34.50
  • High dosage of omega-3 fish oil with vitamin D3
  • Particularly high EPA and DHA content (ideal for athletes)
  • High-quality citrus-flavoured supplement, without the fishy taste
  • Suitable for daily use
Competition Short info
CHF CHF 0.00
  • For maximum endurance and performance
  • Non-acidic and mildly flavoured sports drink to enhance tolerance
  • Multi-carb formula: High energy density & hypotonic
  • Lactose and gluten free, no additives or free fructose