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Interview avec David Hauss

PHOTO: fournie par David Hauss

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Interview with trailrunner David Hauss

David, what are your next key races and how is preparation going so far?

I raced a lot in the last few weeks so far, some easy days are consumed and now I'm back on track! Big days of training right now then I will go in training camp in Alpe d’Huez for three weeks end of July to prepare the CCC, 101 km race around Mont Blanc in the UTMB event end of August. Then I'll looking forward to the Diagonal des Fous in Réunion Island two months later.

What are your key aspects when it comes to nutrition and trail running? What is your nutrition tip number one for trail runners?

On the ultra-trail rail races nutrition is all about! It makes the difference at the end for sure between winning or finishing – if you are still able. My key rule is getting carbs/sugar enough to push all the way so I need to set the clock on 30’/45' time, having my HIGH ENERGY BARS and LIQUID ENERGY GELS during my run. Let’s say my first advice is to be regular in terms of nutrition/ hydration whatever and whenever you are! Also have a «pleasure meal» somewhere in the race to break the routine.

What is the biggest nutrition mistake you ever did in a race?

I didn't really make a bike mistake in the race so far but during some warm races, I didn't drink enough at the beginning of the race thinking «all good» but I paid it cash later and it takes time to be able to push again.

What are your favourite SPONSER products?

My two favourite SPONSER product will be the Vanilla MULTI PROTEIN shake because it means that the job has be done properly and I need to well recover. The second will be the LIQUID ENERGY BCAA GEL, it saved me so many times during races from bad situations and pushes me faster to the finish line. But there are many products like ELECTROLYTES that I like too.

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