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Nutrition sur la distance moyenne du triathlon

PHOTO: Michael Rauschendorfer fournie par R. Wild

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Ruedi Wild about his nutrition strategy in middle distance / Ironman 70.3 events

My specific nutrition preparation for middle distance races already starts with 4 days to go. From then on I daily have a shot of RED BEET VINITROX. This red beet concentrate delivers nitrate polyphenols and special proteins, all in order to increase the production of nitrogen oxide as well as blood flow. This effect has been scientifically proven in many studies and is widely known in professional endurance sports. As I have a sensitive stomach, I always dilute the concentrate (which corresponds to about half a litre of high-quality red beet juice) with water, same as creating a fruit juice. Especially important on race day, when I have my last shot with breakfast, about 3 h pre-race start. The ideal combination is NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE, taken for 4 days as well, which acts in a similar way and further increases the nitrogen oxide.

On pre-race day, I am focusing on carbo loading without overeating and feeling heavy due to all the amounts of pasta which I used to eat in the past. CARBO LOADER as a high energy dense, carbo electrolyte solution suits me well this way. I take a portion four times a day, always post meal plus before going to bed. The drink comes without fructose which is a major ingredient of practically all soft and sport drinks available nowadays. This in the past has caused me gastrointestinal problems in the races so many times without being aware of the cause. Also important to me, for the same reason, is to avoid fibres in my nutrition. So I stay away from salads or vegetables which usually represent a big part of my daily nutrition.

Comes race day, I have a portion of LIQUID ENERGY PLUS just before the swim start to ensure energy input throughout the first leg. Once on the bike, I mainly rely on sport drinks COMPETITION and ULTRA COMPETITION, mostly a mix of the two. This mildly flavoured sport drink is free of acid and consists of a wide range of various carb sources, therefore perfectly tolerable to my sensitive stomach while at the same time delivering long lasting energy and electrolytes. This carbo – electrolyte solution improves the absorption of water and thus contributes to maintain the performance over extended periods of exercise. Depending on conditions (weather and temperature), I take an additional 1-2 salt caps per hour either orally or diluted in the aero bottle to cover the additional needs of electrolytes, mainly salt/sodium. If there are downhill sections where I can relax for a bit and do not have to breath too intensively, I like to mix up my nutrition with some solid food, such as HIGH ENERGY BARS. My personal favourite is the salty one that gives a bit of a salty touch.

During the run, the stomach is most sensitive because of moving all the time, so it is important not to mix everything together once running through an aid station. I try to keep it simple and rely on GELS in order to cover my energy needs as well as SALT CAPS to make sure my hydration level stays fine. In detail I take roughly 1.5 gel tubes (70 g portion) per hour in smaller portions or a 30 g sachet portion every 20min, together with 1-2 SALT CAPS /hour, usually before entering the aid station.

The first few minutes post-race are crucial when it comes to recovery and giving back the body the right fuel, although I usually do not feel hungry at all. There are various carb sources widely available in the post-race area, such as fruits, drinks or even non-alcoholic beer for special occasions. My immediate focus however is on a high-quality protein source like PRO RECOVERY which to me is the best recovery product available in the market and I feel a huge difference going back to train the following days.

My recommendation is to test and potentially adjust your race nutrition in your key session, according to your own needs. This gives you the best chance to be successful in your race.

This chart summarizes the main principles about nutrition in triathlon.

Author: Ruedi Wild, professional triathlete from Switzerland

Produits appropriés

Red Beet Vinitrox
Red Beet Vinitrox Info de base
CHF CHF 17.00
  • 1 shot de Red Beet contient la teneur en nitrate de 500ml de jus de betterave rouge
  • Influence positive sur les agrégations plaquettaires
  • Meilleurs tests de seuil de lactate dans les soins de la médecine sportive.
Nitroflow Performance
Nitroflow Performance Info de base
CHF CHF 35.00
  • spectre d’effets booster de NO, optimisateur de performances
  • mélange de substances nutritives basées sur des extraits de plantes fonctionnels
  • optimisation ciblée des substances nutritives en phases de haute intensité
Carbo Loader
Carbo Loader Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Formule de glucides hautement concentrée
  • Multiples glucides avec électrolytes pour un carboloading efficace
  • Pour remplir au maximum les réserves de glycogène avant l’activité d'endurance
Liquid Energy Plus
Liquid Energy Plus Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Gel glucidique avec caféine et taurine*
  • Glucides disponibles rapidement et lentement
  • Energie rapide et durable
  • Tube pratique et refermable
Competition Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Pour de meilleurs potentiels d’endurance et de performance
  • Sans acide et légèrement aromatisé pour une meilleure digestibilité
  • Formule multi-carb: haute densité énergétique & hypotonique
  • Exempt de lactose, de gluten, d’additifs artificiels et sans fructose libre
CHF CHF 28.00
  • Faible indice glycémique, particulièrement adapté pour les longues distances
  • Différentes applications: comme une solution ou boisson très concentrée
  • Compatibilité très élevée
Salt Caps
CHF CHF 26.00

• électrolytes sous forme concentrée
• Compensation de la perte de sel et des électrolytes par la transpiration
• Pratique à prendre, dosage simple
• Idéal pour les sports d’endurance et en été

High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Densité énergétique élevée venant d’ un mélange de glucides de haute qualité
  • Une énergie durable
  • Contient du MCT et du bêta-glucane d'avoine.
  • Très bonne digestibilité
Liquid Energy
Liquid Energy Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Gels avec la plus haute densité d'énergie
  • Compatibilité optimale
  • 6 variantes / arômes différentes
  • Sans conservateur, sans lactose
Pro Recovery
Pro Recovery Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Shake de récupération avec glucides et protéines
  • 20 g, respectivement 50% de protéine de haute qualité par portion
  • Combinaison unique de 8 composants protéiques
  • 4% de colostrum (à partir de lait de vache)