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Drinks (ready to go) (Low Carb)

Ready-to-drink protein drinks offer high convenience. SPONSER® currently offers the following ready to drink products with low carb properties: The WHEY PROTEIN SPORTS WATER as a refreshing all-purpose drink with 20 g whey protein in isolate quality, as well as the PROTEIN DRINK which tastes like drinking yoghurt, also based on whey protein.

Protein Smoothie / Protein Drink Short info
CHF 3.30
  • High quality, targeted basic product. Intake just before or after exertion
  • No added sugars
  • Low in fat
Not in stock
Sports Water BURNER Short info
CHF 3.00
  • Zero carb sports drink
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • With BCAA, choline and L-carnitine
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