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Liquid Energy

  • gels with highest energy density and optimal digestibility
  • easily digestible carbohydrates
  • 6 different variations/flavours
  • enriched with sodium
  • without preservatives, lactose free
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Liquid Energy

SPONSER® LIQUID ENERGY gels stand for highest energy density with optimum tolerability. The liquid energy concentrate contains easily digestible carbohydrates as well as sodium. It is perfectly suitable for endurance athletes who are reliant on a constant energy supply. As highly concentrated energy source, the gels are ideally used before or during training/competition. Available in resealable tubes or as single portion sachets. Depending on energy needs, the gels should be used in combination with approx. 200 ml water or of a sports drink. SPONSER offers the gels in different compositions* and flavours, all of them are without preservatives.

High-quality carbohydrate formulation coming in a resealable tube. Flavour: neutral (unflavoured)

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with 25 mg caffeine and taurine** for an extra boost. Available as resealable tube or single portion sachet. Flavour: neutral (unflavoured) or NEW Cola-Lemon

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with BCAA to protect the muscles during long-lasting physical performances. Available as resealable tube. Flavour: Strawberry-Banana

High-quality carbohydrate formulation enriched with additional sodium as well as slowly available carbohydrates. Ideally used for long-distance events, in hot weather conditions or as alternative to sweet-tasting gels. Available as single portion sachet. Flavour: neutral-salty (unflavoured)

High-quality carbohydrate formulation plus additional energy from fat/MCT as well as slowly available carbohydrates. It is also enriched with beta-glucans. Ideally used for long- and ultra distances. Available as single portion sachet. Flavour: Coconut-Macadamia

*more information and a practical overview you can find here.
**only neutral contains taurine

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Ca. ½ Tube per 20 min. oder 1 Sachet per 20 min., ca. 200 ml Wasser nachtrinken

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Nährwerte/Nutrition facts


per 100 g

per Tube
(70 g)

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)


945 (222)

664 (156)



0 g

0 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/of which saturated fatty acids


0 g

0 g



54 g

38 g

davon Zucker/of which sugars


32 g

22 g



0.2 g

0.1 g



1.5 g

1.0 g



0.80 g

0.56 g



100 mg


70 mg




0.29 g


0.20 g


*%NRV=nutrient reference value
mg/70 g (mg/100 g):   Taurin 350 (500), L-Leucin 250 (360), L-Valin 125 (180), L-Isoleucin 125 (180).

Ingredients: Glucose-fructose syrup, water, isomaltulose, sodium and potassium citrate, amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine), taurine, salt, acidulant citric acid, gelifying agent E466, flavours, antioxidant ascorbic acid.

Developed and producet in Switzerland

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CHF 2.00
  • gels with highest energy density
  • optimal digestibility
  • 6 different variations/flavours
  • without preservatives, lactose free
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