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Swiss Müesli

  • No added crystal sugar
  • Long-lasting source of energy thanks to a low glycemic index
  • Natural ingredients out of whole grain, fruits and nuts
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CHF 17.00

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Swiss Müesli

Thanks to its high proportion of carbohydrates, Sponser Muesli is very appropriate as breakfast for sports people. First-class, high value cereals deliver carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, minerals and trace elements. Due to a low fat content, the essential ingredients and energy supplies contained in the Swiss Muesli are very easily digestible.

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As energy-richt breakfast before endurance performances

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Nährwerte/valeurs nutritives/nutrition facts/voedingswaarde

per 100 g

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)

1540 (370)


7.0 g

davon Fettsäuren/dont acides gras/of which fatty acids/daarvan vetzuren



1.0 g

einfach ungesättigt/mono-insaturés/mono-unsaturated/enkelvoudig onverzadigd

3.5 g

mehrfach ungesättigt/poly-insaturés/poly-unsaturated/ meervoudig onverzadigd

2.0 g

Kohlenhydrate, davon/glucides, dont/carbohydrates, of which/koolhydraten, daarvan

66 g


12 g


52 g

Ballaststoffe/fibres alimentaires/fibres/voedingsvezels

8.0 g


10 g


0.18 g



Oat flakes, sultanas, wheat flakes, cornflakes, popped oat, whole grain flour out of wheat and rye, barley flakes, dried dates, hazelnuts, almonds, dried apples and bananas, orange powder.

Developed and producet in Switzerland

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Swiss Müesli Short info
CHF 17.00
  • No added crystal sugar
  • Long-lasting source of energy thanks to a low glycemic index
  • Natural ingredients out of whole grain, fruits and nuts
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