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Liquid Energy Pure

  • Gel glucidique en tube
  • Enrichi en sodium, potassium et taurine
  • Avec de l'isomaltulose, type de sucre avec indice glycémique faible
  • Pratique à doser et refermable
  • sans gluten, lactose et conservateurs
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Liquid Energy Pure

La liste récapitulative «comparaison entre gels LIQUID ENERGY».

LIQUID ENERGY PURE est un gel énergétique hautement concentré composé de glucose, fructose et isomaltulose. Les différentes sources de sucre et de glucides assurent une énergie rapide et durable.

Le concentré d'énergie est utilisé de préférence là où la mastication est difficile en raison de l'intensité. En plus des athlètes d'endurance, les athlètes de force et d'équipe (football, handball, hockey sur glace) sont également des utilisateurs fréquents.  Le contenu du tube peut être dosé de manière pratique et facile.

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Prendre un tube en 2-3 portions réparties sur 45-60 minutes et boire de l’eau. 

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Nährwerte/Nutrition facts

PER 100 g

(70 g)

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)

1207 (284)

850 (200)


0 g

0 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/of which saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


71 g

50 g

davon Zuckerarten/of which sugars

36 g

25 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


0.43 g

0.30 g


135 mg


95 mg



0.17 g


0.12 g



Ingrédients: Sirop de glucose avec fructose, isomaltulose, eau, chlorure de sodium, citrate de potassium, gélifiant E 466, antioxydant acide ascorbique.

Développé et fabriqué en Suisse



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Avantages et utilisations

Les gels LIQUID ENERGY garantissent une densité énergétique maximale et une digestibilité optimale. Cette énergie liquide et hautement concentrée est idéale pour une utilisation immédiate directement avant ou pendant les efforts de haute intensité, durant lesquels la respiration et la performance sportive ne doivent pas être compromises par la mastication ou la digestion. Les gels LIQUID ENERGY sont disponibles en tubes refermables ou en sachets-portion. SPONSER® propose différentes variantes, qui peuvent être facilement combinés.


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16. 04. 2020
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Alimentation crossfit

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Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to crossfit workouts

Most crossfit trainings last about an hour and therefore correspond to high intensity train; apart from warm-up, coordinative units and cooldown. In other words, the training is rather short, but extremely intensive, similar to interval training.

Nutrition before training
If you want to do a high intensity training, it is essential to start the training with filled stores. Not with a full stomach, of course, but not sober either. Ideally, a few easily digestible bites should be taken shortly before training: depending on preferences and tolerance, this can be a small banana, an easily digestible sports bar, a honey bread, a carbohydrate-containing sports drink or something silimar.

During training
During a crossfit training there is usually no or very little time for food intake. Sports drinks that contain a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution and thus support endurance performance and fluid intake are particularly suitable for this purpose. ISOTONIC or the mildly aromatic, acid-free COMPETITION are the beverages of choice for crossfit athletes. If the training lasts longer than one hour, a LIQUID ENERGY GEL tube (with or without caffeine) can help to keep the blood sugar level high and to avoid hangers during the workout. Solid food is not appropriate during a crossfit workout, as the athlete has neither the time to chew nor the energy to digest.

After the workout
The immediate nutrition after a high intensity workout pursues the following goals: hydration, supply of electrolytes and energy, regeneration. For these reasons it is important to supply the body with carbohydrates, liquids and protein within 30 minutes after the training. Besides protein-rich ready-to-drink products such as PROTEIN SMOOTHIE or PROTEIN DRINK, regeneration products such as PRO RECOVERY or RECOVERY SHAKE, which are mixed with water or milk, are indicated. But also a PROTEIN 50 Bar or a PROTEIN LOW CARB Bar, a low-sugar quark dish or a small cheese roll serve regeneration.

Protein for crossfit athletes
Protein fulfils many important functions in your body. To perform its tasks optimally, your body must be provided with the necessary basic protein requirements. The Swiss Society for Sports Nutrition therefore recommends athletes a daily amount of approx. 1.3-1.8 g protein per kg body weight. For a woman of 60 kg this means about 80-110 g protein per day, while a man of 80 kg body weight needs about 105-144 g dietary protein. For special phases such as strength building, diets or weight training, higher recommendations of 2.0-2.7 g protein per kilogram body weight apply. With our protein calculator the recommended daily requirements can be calculated to cover your individual needs.

Protein: timing of intake
The body protein is in a dynamic equilibrium. It is constantly built up and broken down. This is called anabolism or catabolism. Therefore, you are dependent on a regular intake. For optimal protein synthesis, about 20-30 g of protein should be consumed every 3-4 hours.

» download infographic «protein synthesis» (PDF)

High-quality protein products by SPONSER

Use: recovery, muscle build-up
Properties: best whey protein quality, 100% grass-fed from Ireland, lactose-free

Use: basic protein, night protein, muscle build-up, recovery
Properties: high-quality multi-protein blend, wide range of application, contains whey, casein and egg albumin origin Switzerland

Use: recovery
Properties: high-quality recovery, with colostrum

Use: weight management, basic protein blend, meal replacement
Properties: sustained satiety, with fibres, L-carnitine and choline

With the right nutrition, crossfit training does not get easier, but definitely more effective. Above all, it should not be forgotten that individual tolerance and personal taste preferences are always to be taken into consideration.
So get ready for your next crossfit training, the kettlebells are waiting!

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

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26. 10. 2019
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Game, set, match

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All you need to know about sports nutrition in tennis

During the short breaks after the sets you can see cracks like Roger Federer eating half a banana and or having a drink from time to time. Does a tennis athlete need specific sports nutrition and if so, what do you need to know?

Short breaks on the court
Numerous, but short breaks during sets mean that sports nutrition in tennis has to meet special needs: Sports nutrition must not only be consumable quickly, but must also be as tolerable as possible. So if you see tennis stars eating half a (ripe) banana during the sets, there is nothing wrong with that. For a match lasting several hours, however, this snack is definitely not enough.
Tennis players can therefore rely on liquid energy from the tube, for example with a LIQUID ENERGY GEL (with or without caffeine), a high-quality, carbohydrate sports drink such as COMPETITION, LONG ENERGY or ISOTONIC or a few bites of a HIGH ENERGY BAR. In search of a noticeable caffeine kick that reawakens motivation and concentration, we recommend an ACTIVATOR ampoule or a few POWER GUMS out of the bag. The previous and regular use of MENTAL FOCUS can offer clear advantages in terms of cognitive performance both in technical training and in competition.

Indoor or outdoor
From a nutritional point of view, it makes no difference whether a tennis match is played indoor or outdoor on sand, grass or hart court. However, the climatic conditions can vary significantly and thus have a corresponding influence. Temperature and humidity are central parameters that must be taken into account when eating on the tennis court. In the cold and in low humidity, nutrition has primarily to cover the energy demands of an athlete. In the heat or in great humidity the body needs considerably more liquid. If matches over three, four or sometimes five sets including tie-break are expected, a carboloading two days before the competition is recommended. If the heat on the court is high, a previous soda loading with LACTAT BUFFER can be very useful. Players with a high sweat rate and a tendency to cramp additionally use SALT CAPS or MUSCLE RELAX shots.

Regeneration during tournaments
In tennis tournaments lasting several days or even two weeks, regeneration plays an important role. The recommendations are therefore: Regular carboloading with CARBO LOADER, every second or third day. In hot and humid regions, soda loading with LACTAT BUFFER is recommended to increase sodium levels and thus prevent dehydration and cramps. Always take a carbohydrate-protein shake such as PRO RECOVERY after every match and additionally consume a protein shake MULTIPROTEIN or CASEIN in the evening before going asleep. If frequent travel and/or contact with large crowds is necessary, the use of IMMUNOGUARD prevents the risk of infection.

24. 10. 2019
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Boire après un gel

Buvez assez d'eau en utilisant des gels

Au moins 200 ml par 20-30 g de glucides pour prévenir une réduction du volume de plasma sanguin (Evans et al., 2017: Optimizing the restoration and maintenance of fluid balance after exercise-induced dehydration. J Appl Physiol 122(4):945-951). Sinon, la réhydratation ralentit, ce qui peut conduire à des problèmes gastro-intestinaux pendant le sport.

Auteure: Yvonne Forster

05. 10. 2019
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